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About Bharti Media

Nestled in the bustling heart of Delhi, India, Bharti Media & Events Pvt. Ltd. stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. As a rapidly growing organization, we specialize in orchestrating an array of invaluable services, ranging from the seamless execution of grand Trade Shows, Conferences, and Seminars to the vibrant organization of Expo, Trade Fairs, and Events & Exhibitions. Our mission is clear: to elevate and promote Indian industries on a global scale, one remarkable event at a time.

About the Exhibition

Welcome to the 9th Agri & Horti Technology Expo 2024, an unparalleled platform dedicated to shaping the future of Indian agriculture and horticulture. Building on the tremendous success of its predecessor, this event stands as the epitome of innovation and progress in the agricultural and horticultural industries of central India.

With a legacy spanning nine years, our expo is renowned as the premier event in the agricultural and horticultural sector, attracting farmers and professionals not only from India but also from around the world. Here, attendees have the unique opportunity to experience the latest advancements and trends in Indian agriculture and horticulture, both in terms of present practices and future prospects.

The 9th International Agri & Horti Technology Expo 2024 presents unparalleled business potential, offering a platform for direct engagement with customers, industry leaders, and competitors. Whether you seek to forge new partnerships, showcase innovative products, or stay ahead of industry trends, this expo provides the ideal environment for networking and collaboration.

Join us in shaping the future of Indian agriculture and horticulture through technology and innovation. Be a part of the 9th International Agri & Horti Technology Expo 2024 and play your role in driving the industry forward.


Agriculture in
Madhya Pradesh

Explore the agricultural prowess of Madhya Pradesh, the second-largest agricultural state in India. Renowned for its excellence, the state has clinched seven consecutive Krishi Karman Awards for outstanding food grain and wheat production. With its prominent reputation as the "Soya State," Madhya Pradesh leads the nation in soybean cultivation.

Noteworthy contributions extend beyond soybeans, as Madhya Pradesh also boasts the highest production of grains, pulses, garlic, guar, and oilseeds at the national level. With an impressive agricultural growth rate of 24.99%, among the best in the country, Madhya Pradesh continues to set benchmarks for agricultural success.

Moreover, the state serves as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of organic farming, setting an exemplary standard for sustainable agricultural practices. Join us as we celebrate Madhya Pradesh's agricultural heritage and contribute to its ongoing growth and prosperity.

Agriculture & Horticulture

Experience the robust backbone of India's economy through agriculture, which contributes a substantial 18.5% to the nation's GDP. Over the past two years, the agriculture and allied sectors have witnessed an impressive growth rate exceeding 4%, complemented by a noteworthy 25% surge in agricultural exports. The export of agricultural equipment stands at approximately US$450 million annually, while the agri-biotech sector has flourished at a remarkable 30% rate over the last five years.

India's concerted efforts towards mechanization and technology adoption are aimed at ensuring enhanced returns on investment and the sustainability of agriculture. Emerging as a manufacturing hub for agricultural equipment, India now commands over 10% of the global market share. Notably, over 50% of India's farmers, cultivating staple crops like wheat and paddy, also engage in the cultivation of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other crops.

As an international exhibition dedicated to agriculture and allied sectors, we provide a platform for scientists to exchange ideas and innovations, enriching the sector with their expertise through lectures and discussions. Government departments actively participate, showcasing their schemes, objectives, and achievements to stakeholders. Addressing the critical needs of farmer welfare and access to micro-financing, our exhibition endeavors to propel the agricultural industry towards sustainable growth and prosperity.

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